Having a calibrated Production monitor is key to ensuring you have a standard to match between every job. This is most important for delivery to broadcast, or DCP. There is an HD SMPTE Bars generator that you add to a timeline in the Edit tab. Use this signal to modify the Brightness of your Output monitor that should be set at to 2.2 gamma and White Balance to D65. Adjust the ‘Pluge’ the dark grey strip at the bottom of the screen to be just visible from the other area of black that surrounds it. Now that we have set the appropriate brightness we can switch to Blue Only, and modify the phase and chroma to make the grey bar under the colours match in tone when blue only is on. The iPad 3 and above are some of the closest representation you will get with a mobile device. It’s important to educate your clients on the variable profiles of consumer electronics, and ensure you have a calibration reference point for when you are working on a project.